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The Union of Opposites

Living this life, taking so much for granted.

Precious this life, yet we’re blind and do not see.

And the forest of green; disappearing, disappearing.

Making barren the garden destroying the dream…..

And the fire that is burning draws us deeper inside.

Destroy all illusions; hold us closer to your breast.

Returning, returning, returning to the Source.

Come move closer. Do not be afraid.

Letting go of all we know. Divisions will fade.

Dissolving, dissolving, dissolving….emptying to receive.

In the forest of green; sunlight on the tops of the trees;

It’s golden, golden, golden….takes us back to the Source.

The clock beats out the time. Reminding always reminding…

What became of the garden entrusted to you?

Darling Mother from your loins we arrive.

Precious Father the seed bursts forward to the light….

It’s golden, golden, golden….returning to the Source.

Gary Davenport---vocals, acoustic guitar

Will Willard--- electric guitar solo (recorded at The Cave, New Braunfels, Tx)

Genevieve Davenport—cello

John Rodriguez—piano, voice overtones

Rob Meyer—trumpet

Val Cronk---Korg electronic drums

Kevin Lewis—bass guitar

Fred Masinter---violin

Lili Marlene- vocal at end

Recorded at Edit Point Studios summer 2000, spring and summer 2009