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Updated May 7, 2015

Welcome!  The Door Into Summer; Gary Davenport's new album  is now available
. Accompanying Gary is Alchemy, who perform with Gary at live events and in the studio.

Alchemy is:
Gary Davenport-Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, E-Bow, Piano, Korg Triton, Mellotron.
Fred Masinter-Violin.
Dylan Martin-Drums and Percussion.
Brandon Bombardier-Lead Guitar, Support Vocals.

Brandon and Dylan are also with the group Triaxe.

Kevin Lewis plays Bass Guitar on the majority of the songs from The Door Into Summer.


Special guest Klaus Weiland added guitar to the song, "The Distant Malverns" and sitar to, "Gilgamesh". Bob Catlin also added tambouras to "Gilgamesh" Heday Kataoka who was once with Alchemy added keyboards and mellotron to several songs as well. Richard Potter who was also on "Wonder Slips Away" returns adding various flutes,sax, and EWI to several songs. John Thurston plays bass guitar on "The Distant Malverns". Val Cronk plays bass guitar on "All of the Days". Gus Wanner is on bass guitar on "No Place To Hide" and "Gilgamesh". And Joan Carroll is on vocals on "All of the Days", "The Distant Malverns", and "Let It Go".

Coming from Closet Records in 2015

Gary Davenport-Chronicles.
An album of songs spanning the years 1977 through 2010. The album will contain the songs and the original recordings with Mannequin, "Scatterd Thoughts" and songs from the recording, "If It's Not One Things...It's Another". Released originally in 1981. Also the single with the late Mark Champion, "True Freedom" and "Remember Our Lives" will be part of the album. And the single that was never officially release with the songs, "Sarra" and "Journey To Oaxaca". It will also contain songs that were never manufactured for release.

Coming From MuseMyth Recordings in 2015

Himmel. A reissue that was once available on Habitual Grace Records.
As described in the liner notes on the Habitual Grace release, " The thick tropical rhythms that weave Himmel together convey the influence and cultural impact of Mexico's diverse interior." And it is safe to say that many of the sounds heard on this recording are a combination of the old and new sounds that were available at that time. Many of these emanating from the ancient cultural heritage that is Mexico which influenced certain members of the group from extensive and frequent journeys taken before and during the time of this recording. Some instruments used are from Mexico.

Himmel was:

Henry Arispe-Steel Drum, Clay Flute, Guica, Various Percussion.
Davenport-Elka String Synth, Bass Guitar, Maraccas, Vocal and Lyrics on "Into Desert Lands".
Steve Sanchez-Bass Guitar, Elka String Synth, Steel Drum, Assorted Percussion, Vocal & Lyrics on "Lidice Non-Movement".
Art Sarkis-Hand Drum, A Go Go's, Afuge, Maraccas, Steel Drum.

from  MuseMyth on the Closet Records label is the album "Wait No Longer" by Mannequin.  Mannequin was a group that Gary was a member of 30 plus years ago. Originally  intended for release in 1981, it is now here and available. It is currently only available on vinyl. The CD is being worked on at this very point in time and will be released in September. It was mixed and mastered at Edit Point Studios by Donnie Meals.
Closet Records (CRD 1001)

More releases from the Closet Records catalog will be re-issued in the next few months primarily on CD and some vinyl. Announcements will be made just prior to the release date for each recording.

What follows below is the text to introduce the launching of the MuseMyth Recordings label and Wonder Slips Away album/CD. It has been left on for the sake of posterity.

March 17, 2010


Gary Davenport Releases CD, Wonder Slips Away

Gary Davenport, founding member of Mannequin, Red Square, and Himmel is releasing a CD “Wonder Slips Away,” on the newly formed MuseMyth label. The CD features fifteen songs recorded with core group members--Fred Masinter, violin; Kevin Lewis, 5-string bass; and Raul Garcia, drums and percussion.

Also appearing on the recording is Gib Wharton who has previously recorded and performed with Cassandra Wilson, Laurie Anderson, and Van Morrison; Cari Palazzolo, singer/songwriter of Belaire; Rob Meyer, formerly with the San Antonio Symphony on trumpet; Richard Potter on flute and saxophone; Will Willard from the Gilliam Section on electric lead guitar; and multi-instrumentalist, Val Cronk; and many others.

The songs were recorded by Eugene Ng at Krazy Kat and by Donnie Meals at Edit Point with the recording being produced by Donnie Meals and Gary Davenport.

Davenport states, “These songs are highly personal yet I believe they will appeal to all audiences. Like the title of the CD states, wonder has a tendency to slip away. I’ve tried to capture and convey that sense of wonder in my music.”

Davenport has been an integral part of the San Antonio music scene since 1976 fronting such well known bands as Mannequin and Red Square whose release, “Lemmings and Saviors” achieved critical acclaim well beyond the local music scene.

At the same time Davenport wishes to announce the formation of MuseMyth; a label devoted to promoting not only his own recordings but the works of other independent artists. Davenport previously co-founded Closet Records, a label that produced such interesting artists as, Mannequin, The Rejects, and Mike Escamilla; and also the seminal compilation LP, “As Raindrops Become Ocean.”

Davenport will be performing songs Wonder Slips Away for Fredstock to be simulcast on KSYM at San Antonio College campus, Thursday, April 15, 2010. A release party for the CD/album will follow on Friday, June 18, 2010 at Pho Sure (formerly the Big Kahuna), 721 W. Ashby across the street from the San Pedro Playhouse with a live performance there as well.

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