MuseMyth Recordings and Gary Davenport

MuseMyth Recordings was founded in 2010Closet Records is a label under the umbrella of the MuseMyth label.  The once unreleased album by Mannequin recorded in 1981 is available through Closet Records (CRD 1001). The album, "WAIT NO LONGER", was released September 25, 2013. It is available on vinyl or through downloading from this site.

Also available by Gary are Wonder Slips Away released in 2010 and Vita Nova recorded in 1989 and re-issued on CD in 2011.

The Door Into Summer was released June 21, 2015. It placed second best album of 2015 at the San Antonio Music Awards.

Musicians on The Door Into Summer are Dylan Martin-Drums and Percussion. Brandon Bombardier -Lead Guitar. (Both formerly of Triaxe.

Kevin Lewis on Bass Guitar and Lead Guitar. Kevin has performed and recorded for over 30 years with the likes of Doug Sahm, Shawn Sahm, Augie Meyers, Clay Meyers, Shawn Phillips, Tish Hinojosa, Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines, Trinidad Pan Masters/World Tribe/E7, Mark Monaco, Rudy Harst,  Michael Waid, and Chris Pfeiffer. He also performed for the president of Finland with Jartse Tuominen in the 2002 Winter Olympics. Kevin is well known in the San Antonio area and he has played music with Gary off and on since 1997.

Fred Masinter on violin. He has been with Gary since 1994 and his contributions have given Gary's songs depth and added beauty with his prolific performances and arrangements. In his spare time he also gives violin instruction. 

Gary Davenport's first exposure to a wider audience was through the band Mannequin of which he was the founding member and performed for the first time in 1976 opening for Germany (formerly Quartett). The band released two EPs in 1979 and 1980 released on Closet Records; a label established by Gary and ex-Mannequin member Mark Champion. Mannequin had also recorded music for an LP  in 1981 at Earth and Sky Studios (no longer in existence)  which was never issued during the band's active years. It is available on Closet Records through our store here at this website. Mannequin-Wait No Longer (CRD-1001) Available on vinyl or by downloading at the store here on this website.

During this same period, Gary also recorded and released records with Mark Champion and another with Charles Athanas which were also issued on the Closet Records label. 

From 1981 to 1982, a side project with Himmel was a creative outlet with fellow Mannequin member, Steve Sanchez and also Henry Arispe and Art Sarkis. This music was an exotic blend of ambient and world musics.

After several incarnations from 1976 until 1983, Gary and Steve closed the door on Mannequin.

However, at the beginning of the year 2016, the late Ron Young (former music writer for the San Antonio Light, San Antonio Express-News, San Antonio Current, and publisher/editor of It's Only Rock n Roll Magazine) contacted Gary about a symposium he wanted to do for the memory of his publication, It's Only Rock n Roll asking Gary if he might be interested in performing. As it turned out, a "new" incarnation of Mannequin came together for the performance which took place at South Texas Museum of Popular Culture (better known as TexPop). 

The "new" band  consisted of Jason Chronis on Bass Guitar (Voxtrot, Belaire, JC & Company, Gary Wilson Band, and currently Tele Novela). Sam Sayre Vandelinder-Lead Guitar (Gary Wilson Band, A&M Perry Tucker Foundation, Pataphysics, and Gayle Gold.). Adam Jones-Drums (Yellow Fever, Deep Time) and Paul Millar-Keyboards, Synths (Gary Wilson Band).

The house was full at TexPop that evening and the performance went over very well with an enthusiastic audience of which many there were in attendance just to see and hear the band. As a result of the success of that show and the interest of the members of the group, it was decided to continue on for the summer. The band did 2 shows in Austin at the Grizzly Hall and at Spider House, and one in San Marcos at Superfly's Lone Star Music Emporium. They stopped playing during 2017 but are currently rehearsing for more live performance in 2018 and working on brand new material for recording and releasing an EP. More news as it develops.

In 1984, Gary's next endeavor was with Red Square; a creative rock group with Will Willard on lead guitar, Steve Sanchez on bass, and Karl Yelderman on drums. The band released one album that enjoyed critical success and did well locally. Red Square dissolved in 1988.

In 1985, a compilation album, "As Raindrops Become Ocean" was issued on Closet Records featuring various artists from the San Antonio area. Gary and Mark Champion had songs on this compilation along with John Marcell, Cathy Ragland, Brian Pogue, Mark Semmes (formerly of the Rejects), Scott Potter and Will Willard, Mike Burton, and the Bridge (Art Sarkis). Produced by Cathy Ragland and Gary Davenport.

There is more music to come and to be released.