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All around me I see discontentment

For a world that is slipping away

I want to release this resentment

And live this life for today

Yes live only for today.

Show me how to see my resistance

And open up the heart that lies within

And look beyond this existence

Letting go of the wages of sin

To start simply begin.

Hold me until this fear has left me

Lying down with you face to face

Where two souls can become one now

Passing through each other with an embrace

In this moment, in this place.

All the years given to me

One thing has become so clear

The curse of time cannot bind us

Once we move past the burden of fear

Heal these wounds, release these tears.

Gary Davenport—vocal, acoustic guitar

Kevin Lewis—bass guitar

Gib Wharton—pedal steel guitar

Val Cronk—piano

Fred Masinter—violin

Raul Garcia—percussion

Recorded at:

Edit Point Studio---summer 2000, fall 2008