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The Excess of Empire

It’s four in the morning the streets are all empty

The multitudes lie dead asleep

In a few short hours bells will toll in towers

And a drop of blood will appear in the sky

Waking up to television

Politicians offering solutions deceptive in their design

No one takes responsibility into their own hands

Instead it’s all blamed away

Everyone wants a better life without the trouble or strife

Forget about sacrifice

Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you

An eye for an eye has made us all blind.

The Jews hate the Muslims and the Muslims hate the Jews

And the Christians think they’ve got the news.

Modern day Pharisees who go through the motions

And tell everyone what Christ would do.

Meanwhile a church spire reaches up to the sky

While a hand reaches down for a crumb.

A group of homeless people lie asleep on cathedral steps

Bracing for another winter of cold.

Bring me your tired and hungry

Is now just a memory

Whatever happened to compassion?

Still everyone wants a better life without the trouble or strife

Forget about sacrifice…..

It’s a nation of excess that never takes a recess

Everything’s always on the move

Everyone’s got their idea of good government

And what we’re suppose to do

With an emphasis on economics

Trading against clean air and water

And in the long run who’s going to lose?

Dumping toxins into oceans and destroying pristine forests

Oh do we really understand?

Because all of this means, we want more jobs

And create them for us

Give us something for nothing you politicians can do it

We’ve given you our trust

Who sees through all this madness does anybody really understand

Are we ready to make sacrifices?

I don’t think so……….

Gary Davenport—vocal, acoustic guitar

James Sidlo—ebow, electric guitar, loops

Val Cronk—acoustic guitar

Kevin Lewis--- bass guitar

Fred Masinter—violin

Raul Garcia--- drums

Recorded at:

Edit Point Studios summer 2000

Krazy Kat Studio summer 1996