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  1. Chrysalis
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Fly now you chrysalis creating another myth

Of rainbows, streams and dreams of happiness

So let the wind carry you the way you think it ought to

Something weighs you down what will you do?

Wanting so much to be free but getting tangled in the trees

She’s found herself a pair of wings will they carry her beyond the spring?

A dream of two lovers

She has left behind her

Add to the flame another name in a heap of ashes

Eyes of such depth and despair

She pulls him in and disappears

Her wound is so very deep but she can’t see it.

Wanting so much to be free

He traveled with her to the sea

She wrapped him up inside her wings and shared with him

Her deepest darkest dreams

And then she ascended into the night

And said, “I’m sorry, but I’m afraid that I will die.”

Speak now you chrysalis creating another myth

I will listen to you and keep silent

Soon you will be gone

What remains is the ghost of a once bright dawn

Reminding me of a love that will always haunt.

Gary Davenport—vocal, acoustic guitar

Richard Potter—flute

Fred Masinter—violin

Kevin Lewis—bass guitar

Recorded at:

Edit Point Studios Spring 2000, Autumn