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  1. Open Skies
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Open Skies

So here I look for direction obsessed again with attraction.

Again I find myself immersed in my addiction.

Many paths and many roads merging at the sea of souls

Right now it’s so hard to know which way to go.

So many offer beams of light in this deepest of nights

And words to soothe the wounds and yet I feel confused.

Such purity once held me,

Like mother’s breast in infancy…

All soft warm and cushiony.

But childhood trust was battered and security was shattered

Locked doors and dreams were all that mattered.

And I put my faith in billowy clouds and open skies of blue.

Inconstancy became my friend and my only truth.

Somewhere deep down inside my chest

With every moment and every breath

Burned a fire and desire to really see.

And I believe there’s another place that is alive behind every face

It’s just a matter of living who we are

And I know that all deception will die when we are willing to see

And no longer hide.

Leaving the pathway open to the heart, to the heart,….to the heart.

La, la, la…la, la, la…..

Gary Davenport—vocals, acoustic guitar

Dan Lara Garcia—vocals.

Will Willard—electric guitar (recorded at The Cave, New Braunfels, Tx)

Richard Potter--- saxophone

Kevin Lewis--- bass guitar

Raul Garcia--- drums

Recorded at:

Edit Point Studios summer 2000 autumn 2008, 2009