Mannequin-Wait No Longer LP released September 2013 

The Mannequin album, "Wait No Longer" was released September 2013. This album was recorded at Earth and Sky Studios in Austin which no longer exists. The group consisted of Mark Champion-guitar, bass guitar, and voice, Steve Sanchez-bass guitar and vocals, Gary Davenport-guitar, bass guitar, and vocals, Brian Pogue-keyboards,synths, and sax... and Frank Garcia-drums. Mannequin recorded 2 EPs, one released in 1979 and the second in 1980. The second release entitled, "Return To Cinder" was the more popular of the two in those years. This was due to the song, Poodle in the Microwave. There is a re-issue of both EPs planned for future release. The LP consists of  unreleased songs which were originally intended to be released in 1981. It is on the Closet Records label which was the label that the Mannequin EPs were released. Closet Records is a subsidiary of MuseMyth Recordings.

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