Gary Davenport -

Pho Sure (phone) 210-733-8473, 741 West Ashby, San Antonio, Texas

The performance at Pho Sure to set the maiden voyage for "Wonder Slips Away" was a success and did well even with critics. The performance began quietly with the song, "Eric" and ended with the exotic, "Gilgamesh" accompanied by Bob Catlin and Quinn Mathews both on tambouras. Contributing also to 'Gilgamesh' were Gil Garza on trombone and Rob Meyer on trumpet.   In addition  to these guest musicians were Val Cronk on keyboards and daughter Genevieve Davenport on vocals. The core band contributed splendidly and guided things through steadily. They are:  Fred Masinter on violin, Gus Wanner on mandolin and guitar, John Thurston on electric upright bass and Chapman Stick, and Raul Garcia on drums and percussion. Though electrical outages (3 times) interrupted the flow of the event, the power was restored promptly. Also,though the show was intended to launch "Wonder Slips Away" at least 40% of the show was material not yet recorded and slated for the next CD.  Besides "Eric" and "Gilgamesh" ,  the instrumental pieces "Sufi" and "Zapotec" were also performed from the upcoming album.
Opening the show were INDO from Austin. Their performance was also met by a very receptive audience as they demonstrated their effectiveness in live performance.

Age limit: All ages