Gary Davenport and MuseMyth-Live at GIG on the Strip

GIG on the Strip, 2803 N. St. Mary's Street, San Antonio, Texas

This is the last performance for Gary Davenport and MuseMyth for the year 2011. There have been changes as no drummer/percussionist will be with the group for this show. Songs from Wonder Slips Away will be performed along with songs from the upcoming album, the Door Into Summer.  A new drummer has joined MuseMyth; Dylan Martin. He will replace Raul Garcia and begins rehearsing with MuseMyth in mid-January, 2012.
The name MuseMyth was decided  upon by band members recently. MuseMyth is now: Fred Masinter-violin, Kevin Lewis-lead guitar & bass guitar, John Thurston-bass guitar and Chapman Stick, Gus Wanner-guitar & mandolin, John Rodriguez-keyboards & backing vocals, Genevieve Davenport-cello, Dylan Martin-drums & percussion.

Age limit: All ages